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MCC | Perfect Finish Pore Pact


As Makeup fixer:

Applying lightly at the final stage of base makeup compensates for skin blemishes to increase makeup lasting power.


As Fluffy oil paper:

For a refreshing afternoon, instead of oil paper, it absorbs sebum with one pore pact to make the skin soft for a long time


As Eye primer:

Applying on the eyes before the eye line and shadow will allow a long time smudge less eye makeup


As Fix up hair:

applying to the hairline or bangs which is a lot of sebum makes the oily hair soft


MCC | Perfect Finish Pore Pact

  • Volume : 8g
    Manufacturer/Place of origin : South Korea

    Bpom : NA26191206172

    P.D(제조): 06/12/2019 E.D 3 tahun dari P.D


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