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Dasique | Nude Gloss Tint


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A tint with a natural sheer luster that preserves the original lip color with a transparent nude coating.

You can create a desired mood by adjusting the color clarity according to the number of layers.

The color remains vivid for a long time, as it is, to revitalize the lips.

Moisture content of over 35% and glow stain formula form a moisture barrier to keep it more moist.

Colors & Expired Date :
01 Nude Peach ( 03/10/2023)
02 Milky Coral (12/07/2023)

03 Fig Some (04/10/2023)
04 Litchi Cream (05/10/2023)



Dasique | Nude Gloss Tint

Produk akan ready di awal thn 2023
  • Volume : 4.7g
    Manufacturer/Place of origin : South Korea

    01 Nude Peach - NA26221300404
    02 Milky Coral - NA26221300405
    03 Fig Some - NA26221300406
    04 Litchi Cream - NA26221300407

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